Seminars & Workshops

At Kingsley & Partners we believe that the key to successful in-house training is in the business applicability of the learning content for the participants. To ensure this, we take great care to provide our customers with professional training that is exactly tailored to their current needs.

Before taking on a contract, we take the time to understand the customer’s business and the current trends in the industry in general. We engage with the customer to define the learning objectives of the particular topic on hand. Only when the customer’s training needs are clear, will our trainers actually write the individual learning plan for the required seminars. In this way, each customer is guaranteed professional training courses that have been uniquely created for their needs.

In-depth preparation and the definition of clear learning objectives with the customer is the first step towards connecting the material to the business reality. In addition, our trainers ensure that the material is as practical as possible by, for example, using the customer’s own terminology or incorporating internal cases in the training. Our seminars are characterised by the mix of theory and practice so that participants get the opportunity to immediately try out what they have learned.

Our particular training focus lies in the areas of:

  • Leadership
  • Conflict management
  • Communication and presentation
  • Team development

We also offer a variety of methods to transfer the material into day-to-day business and to ease the applicability of the content into the business.

Kingsley & Partners trainers work internationally in English and German and all have a business background and experience in the manufacturing and service industries. It goes without saying that they all carry recognised training credentials.