Business Coaching

At Kingsley & Partners, business coaching is focused on providing practical support to high-performing managers – or key experts – to better enable them to meet new business challenges.

In today’s dynamic business world, high-performing managers are the company’s problem-solvers, the ones that break new ground and develop innovative ideas to drive the company’s success. Placed at diverse positions within the organisation, the company relies on their ingenuity, drive and energy to push through difficult initiatives or to secure key contracts. So when a previously successful manager is presented with a new challenge that stretches his or her current potential that bit too far – for whatever reason – individual coaching is usually the most effective tool available to support him or her in tapping into their full potential.

Examples of coaching situations

Situations that can typically be successfully supported in business coaching are when a manager:

  • takes on a new responsibility (e.g. younger manager takes on a more experienced team)  
  • integrates previously separate units into one
  • has a “political” role as representative of the organisation to the public
  • is being groomed for higher management
  • has to push through difficult, unpopular initiatives

As diverse as these situations may seem at first glance, they represent in general the challenges in which coaches at Kingsley & Partners support companies to achieve their goals. Each of these challenges confronting managers in their day-to-day business can be negated by the support of a neutral third party for a pre-defined period of time

At Kingsley & Partners, our coaches are competent professionals who have both a business background and a recognised coaching qualification. Our team of coaches work in English or German, providing confidential advice and support to managers guiding them step by step to utilise all their hidden competences and resources.

Our approach

Our approach is lean and efficient. Trained consultants engage with the organisation to select the coach best suited to the situation at hand. In a next step, the client meets with the proposed coach to define their common target, timeline and responsibilities in communicating with the organisation (normally the client’s supervisor or the HR department). Once the client-coach relationship has been confirmed, the client is assured absolute confidentiality in everything that is discussed during the coaching. If required, written reports can be submitted to the client and to selected individuals within the customer organisation at pre-defined times during the coaching to inform them of the status of the coaching and to ensure that target achievement is on track. Depending upon the situation, business coaching can normally be expected to run from a few weeks to up to a maximum of 1 year.

The return on investment for the customer organisation far outweighs the complications and setbacks involved in “simply” muddling through alone. Contact us now to discuss the details of how Kingsley & Partners can support your coaching requirements!