About us

At Kingsley & Partners we believe that a person does best what they enjoy doing. That is why we focus on the person and on their individual learning style to provide a truly customised learning experience that is as effective as it is fun. We apply our extensive know-how to provide a tailor-made experience that not only improves capabilities and enhances skill sets but also builds a sound foundation for sustained learning in the workplace.

Key features of how we work

Qualified professionals – All of our people are experts in their fields

Charted success – Every training measure maps out a path to success and continually evaluates and records it on an individual basis

Value for money guarantee – Highly qualified professionals ensure an organised approach that in turn reduces the time taken and the costs involved

Customer service – Our personal approach ensures that this is our highest priority

Tailored measures– Every single training measure is designed with the full involvement of the client, making each measure unique

Loyalty programme – Key customers enjoy the added benefits of our loyalty programme